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Canadian Foreign Policy During the Interwar Years free essay sample

When putting words to paper, every individual has their own imaginative technique. This rings particularly obvious when expounding on history. With the apparently perpetual gracefully of data and records, no two readings or viewings will contain the equivalent definite data or perspective. Choosing which asset to concur with or all the more critically to relate over and over again times demonstrate troublesome, as basically perusing the data moving along without any more thought regarding the credibility may lead one down an inadequate way. This paper will talk about in huge part the distinctions of two specific entries and which of the two I discovered generally enticing. James Eayrs’ article â€Å"A Low Dishonest Decade: Aspects of Canadian External Policy, 1931-1939† and Norman Hillmer’s article â€Å"Defence and Ideology: The Anglo-Canadian Military Alliance in the 1930s† both clarify Canada’s relations, or scarcity in that department, with Great Britain. While Eayrs’ perspective is a considerably more negative one. For example Eayrs clarifies that â€Å"nothing was finished by the Canadian Government to help United Kingdom resistance authorities in their push to animate the assembling of arms in the abroad domain † demanding that the Canadian Government was investing no energy to help the individuals from the Dominion with their solicitations to set themselves up for the safeguard of their own regions. While Hillmer’s clarification of a comparable circumstance is that â€Å"The PM William Lyon Mackenzie King bureau was pleasant to the submitting of British requests in Canada and to private firms stepping up in the foundation of weapons and airplane plants †. This clarification while expressing basically something very similar has a considerably more constructive undertone and apparently constructive result on the individuals of Canada. It is likewise one that would loan itself more to the thought that the nations are, while staying inside their own requirements, cooperating towards a shared objective. The negative perspective on Eayrs is available all through his article and paints a considerably more hesitant Canada to any demand made by the United Kingdom. Eayrs assists his dull view with clarifying how Canadians â€Å"held conviction that in reoccupying the peaceful area Hitler was just avenging the wrongs of Versailles, claiming what legitimately had a place with Germany †. It appears that the understandings set forth by each writer shift on the tone of articles. There was a recognizable add up to investigate directed by each writer, as demonstrated by the quantity of references included with each article. Both Eayrs and Hillmer incorporated exactly seventy statements to in excess of sixty distinct references each. The references utilized by the two creators appear to be valid in that they utilized numerous minutes from Government gatherings, discusses and distributed inner documentation. In spite of taking various courses to clarify a portion of the contemplations at the time Hillmer really referenced a past work of Eayrs’ in his own article. This may not come as a very remarkable amazement, since generally the two creators arrived at a comparable resolution on where Canada remained at the time as for helping the United Kingdom in a future war exertion. As Hillmer clarifies, â€Å"although on the issue of harmony or war the nation would be part nless issues had been severely taken care of, Canada would end in being in the war †. Eayrs noted on a similar issue that â€Å"it is as of now concluded that if Britain pronounces war, Canada must acknowledge the situation†. Endeavoring to choose which article is the most enticing is a troublesome assignment. In the wake of perusin g the two articles and taking note of the distinction in tones I attempted to figure where such contrast may have emerged. The main thing that I saw was that Eayrs article was distributed in 1960, a short 15 years after the finish of World War II. It is very conceivable that a negative perspective on the legislature and its consent to participate in this war was still particularly alive. This may have added to his tone and purpose behind making such an article. Regardless, his references appear to be a lot of real and there doesn't appear to be any motivation behind why he would need to misdirect somebody into having an idea possibly in support of his composition. Then again I really wanted to see his practically thoughtful view towards Germany while remembering data for how Canada dismissed solicitations from the United Kingdom on numerous occasions during the interwar period. Hillmer’s article was distributed in 1978, and given that he was conceived during the war, may offer some knowledge into his increasingly energetic and positive curve to the interwar time period. While Hillmer would have been around to observe the post war influence on Canada, not being straightforwardly engaged with the time paving the way to World War II or the war itself implies lost the national slant at that point. This be that as it may, doesn't influence how convincing I discover his composition. Hillmer’s references do add believability to his composition and, as referenced above to Eayrs. I find the two articles enticing on their own benefits however given the current worldwide circumstance I might want to believe that Canada was somewhat more responsive to the solicitations made by the United Kingdom and as such discover Hillmer’s article somewhat more convincing. It is noticed that when expounding on history one can just research these timeframes. With the measure of perspectives which exist today about recorded occasions it is hard to choose what number of these are introducing the data in the most nonpartisan and honest way. In the event that it was accepted this had just been practiced, at that point scholars of history may wind up short on business. In all honesty, every student of history accepts that they have their own interesting perspective on the occasions where they expound on, in the event that they didn't there would be no reason for composing anything new about verifiable occasions. I accept the way to perusing and finding out about history is finding the accounts, articles, papers and so on That one can most legitimately relate as well, as this is the place their advantage will lie. Endnotes James Eayrs, â€Å"A Low Dishonest Decade: Aspects of Canadian External Policy, 1931-1939† The Growth of Canadian Policies in External Affairs (1960): 356 Norman Hillmer, â€Å"Defence and Ideology: The Anglo-Canadian Military â€Å"Alliance† in the 1930s† International Journal 33-3 (Summer 1978): 91 Eayrs, 353 Hillmer, 89 BIBLIOGRAPHY Eayrs, James, â€Å"A Low Dishonest Decade: Aspects of Canadian External Policy, 1931-1939† The Growth of Canadian Policies in External Affairs (1960) Hillmer, Norman, â€Å"Defence and Ideology: The Anglo-Canadian Military â€Å"Alliance† in the 1930s† International Journal 33-3 (Summer 1978)

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Just in Time, Toyota Production Systems and Lean Operations

The Just in Time (JIT), Toyota Productions System (TPS) and lean activities are a portion of the creation frameworks utilized by various organizations to improve tasks and dispose of wastes.Advertising We will compose a custom contextual investigation test on Just in Time, Toyota Production Systems and Lean Operations explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Main Purpose of JIT, TPS and LEAN Operations and creation enhancements are essentially done to wipe out squanders, evacuate changeability and improve throughput. Take out squanders: Most of the creation frameworks center around squander decrease. The principle sorts of squanders that ought to be decreased incorporate overproduction, transportation, Queues, stock, development of individuals, over preparing and creation of inadequate items. Fluctuation: changeability alludes to the deviation from the ordinary procedure. This outcomes to creation of items inside as far as possible. The primary wellsprings of fluctuatio n incorporate poor creation process, off base and inadequate drawings and not understanding the clients request. Throughput: this is the all out time required to finish the creation procedure. It is the time required to change crude materials to finish items. In the nick of time Method The without a moment to spare guideline involves the constant improvement of the creation procedure. JIT center around decreasing stock and throughput. It is generally used to improve tasks. The materials show up where they are required and when they are required. This drives out squanders and postponements, decreases changeability, improves throughput and lessens cost related with overabundance stock. JIT targets limiting the separation between long creation lines, improving representative correspondence, expanding adaptability and diminishing space and stock. JIT is likewise used to improve quality using factual procedure control, engaging workers, utilization of safeguard strategies and giving prom pt client feedback.Advertising Looking to contextual investigation on business financial matters? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Toyota Production System (TPS) This Toyota creation framework accentuates on constant improvement, regard for individuals and the utilization of standard work rehearses. Ceaseless improvement involves building an authoritative culture and a worth framework that burdens the requirement for process improvement. Regard for individuals includes engaging representatives and preparing them in order to make upgrades. The utilization of standard work rehearses includes characterizing the works totally as far as substance, succession, timing and result. Lean Operations Lean creation centers around the client. The customer’s needs are indentified and used to improve the creation procedure. The principle lean creation procedures incorporate; The utilization of JIT to dispense with stock Employee prepari ng Space decrease Educating providers and framing organization with them Eliminating administrations that don’t include esteem Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa The primary characteristics that the cases handling office will have incorporate There will be no natural cases as cases show up and they are promptly prepared Improved correspondence Use of PCs to process claims Reduction of separation and procedures that the cases need to experience Reduction of pointless representatives Reduction of exercises that don’t include esteem The rebuilt cell format for guarantee preparing Figure 1: claims preparing division design Assumptions about staff and hardware The laborers have been prepared on new information section methods There will be new PCs and types of gear to help process the cases quick Benefits of JIT to IOWA Company Reduce the time taken to process claims Ensure clients are happy with the organization Reduce the quantity of lawful suits the organization faces Redu ce the quantity of excess workers Increase benefits Reduce cost related with taking care of natural cases This contextual analysis on Just in Time, Toyota Production Systems and Lean Operations was composed and presented by client Hawkeye/Clint Barton to help you with your own examinations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; in any case, you should refer to it likewise. You can give your paper here.

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Did Lincoln really want to free the slaves Research Paper

Did Lincoln truly need to free the slaves - Research Paper Example My vital item in this battle is to spare the Union, and isn't either to spare or wreck bondage. In the event that I could spare the Union without liberating any slave, I would do it; and in the event that I could spare it by liberating all the slaves, I would do it. (Lincoln 1862) President Lincoln composed these words in August 22, 1862 to columnist Horace Greeley, an abolitionist who composed for the New York Tribune. This was one month before the Emancipation Proclamation was given. It is obvious from this exchange Lincoln’s fundamental worry around then was to safeguard the Union no matter what and not a general judgment of subjection. Despite the fact that The Emancipation Proclamation was a noteworthy occasion and accelerated the finish of subjection, the Emancipation Proclamation didn't end bondage. This was on the grounds that Lincoln didn't have a profound conviction possibly in support of subjection. Lincoln's goal was to save the Union and not to free the slaves. Th e Emancipation Proclamation was a notable occasion and hastened the finish of subjection. It was the first occasion when that blacks could fill in as volunteer army. Blacks were permitted to enroll in the Union Army and Navy and thusly became operators of their own freedom. Lincoln required additional soldiers on the ground so as to overcome the Confederacy and protect the Union. More than 200,000 dark soldiers were added to the Union Army. (US National Archives and Records Administration n.d.) 3 It is obvious from his activities that Lincoln’s essential worry for giving the decree was to develop the Union armed force so as to crush the Confederacy. Since the Union won in the war, Lincoln prevailing in his objective for a Union triumph. Another model that shows that The Emancipation Proclamation was a noteworthy occasion and accelerated the finish of bondage was the ensuing going of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution. The Emancipation Proclamation was an antecedent to the thirteenth amendment which made servitude illicit in each state, not simply those influenced by the Emancipation Proclamation. Congress endorsed the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution on December 6, 1865. (thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Abolition of Slavery n.d.) Without the Emancipation Proclamation ordering opportunity for certain blacks, there would not have been the driving force for Congress to pass clearing enactment commanding opportunity to all blacks as the Thirteenth Amendment. Despite the fact that The Emancipation Proclamation was a memorable occasion and hastened the finish of subjugation, The Emancipation Proclamation didn't end servitude. This is on the grounds that Lincoln didn't have a profound conviction possibly in support of bondage. Coming up next is an elaboration upon the correspondence cited in the start of this paper. 4 I would spare the Union. I would spare it the most limited path under the Constitution. The sooner the national authority can be reestablished; the closer the Union will be the Union as it might have been. If there be the individuals who might not spare the Union, except if they could simultaneously spare servitude, I don't concur with them. On the off chance that there be the individuals who might not spare the Union except if they could simultaneously pulverize servitude, I don't concur with them. My fundamental item in this battle is to spare the Union, and isn't either to spare or to devastate bondage. On the off chance that I could spare the Union without liberating any slave I would do it, and on the off chance that I could spare it by liberating all the slaves I would do it; and in the event that I could spare it by liberating a few and disregarding others I would likewise do that. What I do about bondage and the hued race, I do in light of the fact that I trust it assists with sparing the Union; and what I avoid, I hold back on the grounds that I don't trust it would assist with spar ing the Union. I will do less at whatever point I will accept what I am doing harms the reason, and I will accomplish more at whatever point I will think accomplishing more will support the reason. I will attempt to address mistakes when demonstrated to be blunders; and I will embrace new

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The Unusual Puzzle Into Top Essay Topics for Competitive Exams Exposed

The Unusual Puzzle Into Top Essay Topics for Competitive Exams Exposed The Start of Top Essay Topics for Competitive Exams As soon as you finish preparing these topics thoroughly, look at these topics from prior years' SBI PO Mains exam together with sample essays to acquire a more accurate picture of the exam. Exam time is ordinarily very important. With the right guidance and hardwork you can readily crack any competitive exam. It's thought of as one of the Toughest Exams in India and over 2 lakhs students take part in CAT annually and only 1500 manage to find the percentile needed for the IIMs. Try to remember every minute counts when you are becoming ready for an exam as you truly don't understand what you might get. Don't forget you should be far away from any form of prospective distraction when you're studying or getting ready for an exam. If you do this, it would actually turn into a tremendous waste of time. You must freely speak about your problems with them. In spite of the popular concept, books that are neat always don't indicate that you're a superb student. Outline Its a very good practice to jot down the key points before you commence writing. Foreign languages ought to be compulsory in the main school. Learning a new language for an early age is helpful for kids. Since there's a word limit you want to be concise and at the exact same time you want to bear in mind not to miss out any important point. Likewise you can wind up at the giving end too. Also, make certain you aren't getting too stressed like we've mentioned and make certain to follow all the points mentioned. While writing, you have to keep in mind 3 important points before you begin to write. You should have prepared your syllabus for those Mains paper by now. Introduction has become the most crucial region of the essay. Continue reading this short article to learn about probable and associated topics for Essay writing inside this exam. Researching the topic will permit you to find out more about what fascinates you, and should you pick something you truly like, writing the essay will be more enjoyable. Persuasive essays are a fantastic means to encourage the reader to check at a particular topic in a different light. They share a great deal of resemblance with argumentative essays. Writing an impressive essay wants a thorough understanding of the topic you decide to write. Top Essay Topics for Competitive Exams: No Longer a Mystery Next you must really make sure you take a few modest breaks. Taking breaks is quite important. It is really important. If Development isn't engendered, it's endangered 10. Some developing countries invite large multinational organizations to open offices and factories so as to assist their economy. How far India can implement decent governance principles. The major aim was to boost access to technology to the people of the nation. In short for the very first topic you will need to have some understanding of banking and economics. Though our education process isn't able to deliver superior education that leads to poor this subject, the minimal literacy rate in the nation and too little access to better education system bring about an inadequate performance in the education sector, particularly within this subject. Increasing privatization of education in the surface of globalization. Odds are, all you have to do is relax and locate a topic you're passionate about and, obviously, one that's debatable. Toppr Discuss' has a feature by which you are able to ask' any type of question. The Essay Topics list is provided for English along with Hindi section. Diet can definitely make or break things so you need to be quite careful about that. Second, what you ought to do is remember the keywords. Make certain you do not repeat precisel y the same point with distinct tones and words. Doing this may shed the central basis of the sentence. In Paper II, there'll be two sub parts where the very first part will have essay or letter writing while second part is going to have a comprehension and you'll have to answer the question associated with the paragraph and will need to provide an acceptable title for the passage in the long run. The benefit is that you receive lots of responses and various opinions. Include certain information and examples to back up your selection. Use particular reasons and examples to back up your answer.

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My Teaching Ideas and Theory Applications - 2728 Words

I believe every child can succeed in mathematics, and it is my role to unlock this potential. I aim to teach in ways that help children develop cooperation, assertion and responsibility, as well as a good understanding of subject matter. I believe this can be achieved by creating a culture in the classroom that is built gradually on trust, with a common language, through rules that we create together, and by practicing procedures until they become nearly automatic. I aim to use the resources, materials, and curriculum requirements I have to work with, to engage my students in meaningful learning. I believe that children want to learn, and that it is motivating for pupils when they and their teacher’s are enthusiastic about learning, too. It is my aim to adopt a social constructivist approach as a teacher. This will mean encouraging collaboration and work with other people; building on what children already know; scaffolding lessons to develop learning; improving mathematical language through communication; allowing children to experiment and explore new concepts for themselves. Yackel et. al. (1990) claim learning occurs not as students take in mathematical knowledge in ready-made pieces but as they build up mathematical meaning on the basis of their experience in the classroom. Social constructivism with a focus on talk in my curriculum area Social Constructivism defines teachers as educational facilitators who deliver a framework in which children can develop theirShow MoreRelatedLearning Theories Of Learning And Teaching Essay1128 Words   |  5 PagesLearning Model and Theories in Practice Sheila Morgan Richard R. Wiley School of Education At Walden University Abstract Education has long been the center of reform with new ideas about learning and teaching. Educators are regularly introduced to new teaching strategies, curricula and rigorous standards in an effort to provide effective instruction to students. However, the pursuit of proficiency in mathematics and reading through the use of research-based methods requires an understanding ofRead MoreReflective Assessment On Learning Theory Essay1361 Words   |  6 Pages Reflective Assessment Paper on Learning Theory Week 1 Assignment Brittany Lavender Arkansas State University Theories of Instruction â€Æ' Reflective Assessment on Learning Theory Learning Theory It is the duty of the educator to prepare students to live lives of quality and purpose. Intellectually, a life of quality involves being reasonable, adept, and thoughtful, and enables people to be good citizens of their community. Skills that will prepare students to live such a life include the abilityRead MoreBecoming A Registered Nurse As A Nurse881 Words   |  4 Pagescritical care ambulance transport and teaching. My humble beginnings as a Licensed Vocational Nurse made a good foundation into becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). My RN profession became a reality when I finished my Bachelors Degree in Nursing two decades ago. I now work for Kaiser Permanente in a management position, pediatric clinical instructor and teach didactics part time for BSN students. My teaching role came in as an accident when the school that I am teaching now needed a clinician with experienceRead MoreMotivation And The Motivation Of The Learning Process1130 Words   |  5 Pagesthe students in my cl ass are motivated by passion instead of routine. Thus I motivate students by showing them varieties of engineering applications in different fields such as renewable energy, construction machines, automotive, aerospace, robotics and manufacturing. Instead of giving an inane introduction, I embed my research topics in the lectures so students can get an idea of how the technology is applied to the real world. I intend to soften the boundary between teaching and research soRead MoreAn Effective Education : A Personal Reflection978 Words   |  4 Pageslast six weeks’ to my learning experience and reflect on my own educational experience. To be specific, I would like to engage with Whitehead and his theory of â€Å"inert ideas† and explore the possibility of making students more interested in the learning process. According to Whitehead, â€Å"inert ideas† are â€Å"ideas that are merely received into the mind without being utilised, or tested, or thrown into fresh combinations† (Whitehead, 1967, p.1). This theory of the â€Å"inert ideas† is fascinatingRead MoreRelationship Between Learning Styles And Academic / Workplace Environment Essay1242 Words   |  5 Pagesstudent prefers. The learning styles theories/models that we will discuss about in this report are the Neil Fleming’s Visual-Auditory-Read/Write-Kinesthetic model and David Kolb’s Experiential Learning model. a. Visual-Auditory-Read/Write-Kinesthetic model: This model was developed by Neil Fleming to assess students’ learning styles based on senses and perceptions (Introduction to VARK, 2014). It was extended from an earlier theory called â€Å"neuro-linguistic theory† by Richard Bandler and John GrinderRead MoreTo What Extent Do Modern Versions of Virtue Ethics Address the Weaknesses of Aristotle’s Teachings on Virtue?1047 Words   |  5 PagesTo what extent do modern versions of Virtue Ethics address the weaknesses of Aristotle’s teachings on virtue? Aristotle’s idea of Virtue Ethics was influenced by his belief that all things and all humans have a purpose (a telos). For him a complete explanation of something has to include its final cause or purpose which essentially is to realise its potential. Virtue Ethics itself is concerned with the characteristics of a person rather than how a person behaves and it is this he outlined in hisRead Morefs2 episode1 130322235456 phpapp011525 Words   |  7 PagesSchool My Performance Task Exemplary (4) Superior (3) Satisfactory (2) Unsatisfactory (1) Observation/ Documentation: All tasks were done with outstanding quality; work exceeds expectations All or nearly all tasks were done with high quality Nearly all tasks were done with acceptable quality Fewer than half of tasks were done; or most objectives met but with poor quality My Analysis Analysis questions were answered completely; in depth answers; thoroughly grounded on theories/exemplaryRead MoreTeaching And Learning Theoretical Framework Essay1694 Words   |  7 Pageswill learn from teaching my students. I will develop a more in depth understand and possibly a view from a different perspective. My philosophy of teaching is written from the perspective of a graduate school student. I have not yet begun my career in academia. I expect my philosophy to develop over the years and change with experience. I pray it does because if it does not, something is terribly wrong. Teaching/Learning Theoretical Framework The Theoretical framework that guide my educational philosophyRead MoreMath 213 Reflective Paper839 Words   |  4 Pagesmathematical concepts addressed in the class ranging from problem solving, numeration systems and sets, whole numbers and their operations, to algebraic thinking, integers and number theory, rational numbers as fractions, decimals and real numbers, and proportional reasoning, percents, and applications. This class enhanced my understanding of math in general, as well as enabled me to explore strategies on how to best present mathematical concepts in an elementary classroom setting. Since children learn

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‘’Discuss How the Release of Nelson Mandela Benefitted the...

‘’Discuss how the release of Nelson Mandela benefitted the negotiation process.’’ When Mandela was released from prison the negotiation process was virtually non-existent and it only began when he and De Klerk sat down and talked about the state of affairs that the country was in and a way forward. Without him the negotiation process would have probably been abandoned due to ongoing conflict and distrust between the two party’s. Mandela was a master of leadership and in him were the skills needed to negotiate the way forward from the apartheid era. The paragraphs below shall elaborate. After Mandela was released from prison talks were immediately setup so that some sort of understanding could be reached. The Groote Schuur Minute was the†¦show more content†¦Talks resumed a short while after the incident and at the end the leaders came to common ground. An agreement called the Record of Understanding was drawn up and in this document it stated that elections would be held, with each race allowed equality, presidents would stay in power for five years, a new constitution would be drawn up and the Inkatha members were not allowed to carry traditional weapons at their rallies. This shows how Mandela was an asset to South Africa when the negotiation process was happening and thus his release was of great benefit. The assassination of Chris Hani was another setback as the country cried in outrage and the different sides were at each other necks. De Klerk had seemingly lost control of the country as there were many riots in different townships. The country was near civil war and something had to be done. Mandela step out and asked for calm and peace in this difficult time. Mandela was instrumental in the achievement of calm in South Africa at this point and this shows that his release from prison was very beneficial. The leadership skills of Mandela were great as he saw the problems of the country and that they had to be solved at the root. The Minutes and Conventions were stages for negotiations that solved South Africa’s internal problems which lead to internal pressures and sanctions being lifted thus saving South Africa, this would not have been achieved if Mandela was not released from prison. No one had the masteryShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages165 Motivation Concepts 201 Motivation: From Concepts to Applications 239 3 The Group 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Foundations of Group Behavior 271 Understanding Work Teams 307 Communication 335 Leadership 367 Power and Politics 411 Conflict and Negotiation 445 Foundations of Organization Structure 479 v vi BRIEF CONTENTS 4 The Organization System 16 Organizational Culture 511 17 Human Resource Policies and Practices 543 18 Organizational Change and Stress Management 577 Appendix

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Atonement - Vase Symbolism free essay sample

In Atonement, instead of the familys stability being viewed as a rock like the ideal family, the vase in Atonement maintains peace but creates nothing but chaos and downfall when it is destroyed. When the vase, the familys heirloom, begins to fall apart, so does the family, until the pieces are so tiny that repair becomes clearly impossible. Throughout Ian McEwans Atonement, the vase symbolizes the destruction relationships and family bonds. The vase plays an important role in the Tallis family heritage. Mr. Talls, in fact has a deep emotional connection to it. The Tallis vase was given to Uncle Clem Cack Tallis brother) while he was on liaison duties in the French sector and initiated a last-minute evacuation of a small town west of Verdun before it was shelled (McEwan 21). Uncle Clem was a war hero for risking his life for others, and received this vase as a sign a gratitude. This is why Jack Tallis wanted the vase in use, in honor of his brothers memory (McEwan 23). In Jacks eyes having wild flowers alive in the vase meant that there is still life associated with his deceased brother, which thoroughly kept him alive in his eyes. Emily, Jacks ife however, does not particularly like the vase throughout the novel because it has Chinese fgures on it and seemed fussy and oppressive (McEwan 23), later tolerating it because she understands how important its meaning is honoring Clems legacy. In the beginning of the novel, the vase is in perfect condition and is beautiful as can be. It even had wild flowers on it. Many may believe these foreshadowed the chaos throughout the novel. The appearance of the vase is very royal looking and prestige and put together, similar to the Tallis family. Just like the vase, on the outside, the Tallis seem collected and stable, but in reality they clearly have issues, symbolized by the wildflowers. The familys problems unfortunately go unrecognized until the chaos the night of the dinner. Ironically it is pointed out that Jack Talls, the father, is not home very often depicting the family clearly is not as close as they want people to believe. However, as Cecilia is arranging the flowers around in the vase; she spent some minutes making adjustments in order to achieve a natural chaotic look (McEwan 22). Just like the vase, the family appears to be stable, but the ildflowers show that they really are not put together; they are attempting to hide their true nature. Cecilia is fixated on trying to make the wildflowers look perfect and symmetric, but they naturally grow in all different directions which is very symbolic in this case. Growing up in a garden atmosphere myself, one thing that my mother always told me was that sometimes wildflowers are actually a burden in gardens because they grow everywhere and cause overcrowding. I felt this had quite a similarity to the Tallis family. Now that the wildflowers are in the house, this was start of all of the craziness that occurs. However, the events that follow the scene at the fountain alter the atmosphere in the house and the relationships of Tallis family inside. The tension created between Cecilia and Robbie at the fountain leads to new understandings of what their relationship really is. Robbie has always been close to the family, but he was putting distance between himself and the family (McEwan 27), which is quite evident even before the fountain incident. However, what was not clear before comes to a realization when they partake in a slight argument over how to put water into the vase. It created tension between the two characters, causing the ase the shatter in two. To many, this may depict the beginning to an end for Robbie and Cecelia, a section of the lip of the vase came away in his hand, and split into two triangular pieces which dropped in the water (McEwan 28). The two pieces that break off can possibly symbolize Cecilia and Robbie. It can represent the two in fact, breaking away from the family which happens as a result of Brionys false accusations. The family symbolizes the entire vase, and the two pieces depict Cecilia and Robbie astray from their relationships with the Tallis household. Thinking a little ore in depth about the incident, the fact that the pieces are triangular, could also depict the three main people involved: Robbie, Cecelia and Briony. The breaking of the vase is what starts up their minds and makes them come to understand that it is not Just awkward tension between them, but a sexual tension that they have not thought about until that event. Cecilia was actually surprised and put the fragments in the pocket of her skirt and took up the vase. Her movements were savage, and she would not meet his eye (McEwan 29). She began contemplating her decisions, IVe been seeing strangely, as if for the first time (McEwan 125). This can represent her unconscious feelings towards her lover Robbie. Robbies provocative letter to Cecilia on the other hand, opens her eyes and makes her realize the truth, being that she in fact has feelings for him. She later attaches the pieces that broke off of the vase and Judged the vase repaired (McEwan 40), but the vase obviously still has cracks and is very fragile. When Briony witnessed the intimacy between Cecilia and Robbie in the library, she envisioned Robbie as a monster, clearly unsure of the situation. Also, Brionys claim of seeing Robbie raping Lola is another piece of the vase that will be orever shattered. Robbie and Cecelia both know he was falsely accused, which causes Cecilia to risk her relationship with Briony and her parents, standing up for the truth, and love in which she believes. Briony feels guilty for the rest of her life and is determined to fix the past and make up for her mistake in her atonement. Many may believe that she is only a child when she witnesses the fountain scene, and Lola unfortunately being raped. In fact, the location of Lolas rape is ironically in a garden surrounding the temple by the lake. Ironically the vase has figures gathered formally in a garden ith ornate plants and implausible birds (McEwan 23). The picture on the vase goes hand in hand with the night of the rape. Everyone is dressed formally for dinner and Lola is raped in a garden. Briony also hears a bird sound, which is made by Lola, which in this case symbolizes the birds on the vase. Clearly, the vase foreshadows the night of the rape which signifies its fragility and further destruction of the Tallis family. Briony is evidently a very imaginative and attention seeking girl, often exaggerating circumstances to make them more exciting and appealing not only to herself, but also others. The play she wrote clearly has to have all the attention on her, which also might be the reason probably the reason she reveals Robbies love letter to the police. Instead of all the attention being on her it is on Lola and she wants it back, which I found quite amusing nonetheless. We later learn that Briony has a crush, or rather puppy love for this matter for Robbie, and was Jealous that he loves Cecilia instead of her eleven old self causing her to be angry and spiteful in this case. As a child Briony was also very naive which is also a part of her mistake, because she did not fully understand the situation. Five years ater atter Robbies imprisonment, Briony desperately wants ner guilt to go away and seeks atonement. Studying nursing, it could also be that Briony thinks pursuing the same career as Cecilia, could bring them close again, unfortunately a hope that would never be fulfilled. Even though Cecilia and Robbie die before being with each other again, Briony feels that the only way to make everything right is to use her writing talents to write a novel telling the truth about that fateful night them the ending they deserve. A decision influenced by naivety, imagination, and Jealousy by a young girl, changes a couples lives forever.